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Need To Know Winter Skin Saviors

Winter time again! Can you believe it? It's around this time when our skin looses it's natural moisture leaving us feeling dry and compromised.Altering your routine is recommended during the change of seasons and now is the time to increase hydration levels in the skin. Combating Winter skin is one of my most asked questions, so I have put together some easy to follow tips. Switching up your cleanser to a hydrating cream or pre-cleanse oil to nourish the skin while also cleansing.This prevents over stripping natural oils from the surface of the skin. We recommend CosMedix Purity SolutionSpritzing some hydration throughout the day helps to increase moisture when we cant escape the dreaded office air-conditioning. We recommend Jane Hydration Spray Iredale Pommisst...

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The Truth About Sunscreen

The Sunscreen war has always been a hot topic, with so many personal opinions how can you choose the best protection for your skin?  Firstly I need to emphasize that everyone needs to be wearing sunscreen, not only to protect the skin from cancer but also from unwanted skin discolorations and pre-mature wrinkling. Up to 90% of ageing comes from UV exposure On a daily basis I'm asked what my professional opinion is for the ultimate in anti ageing. Every time my answer is SPF of course. I guarantee you, each time I get a look of disappointment. Like there is a quick fix product that works better than sunscreen? Unfortunately SPF are not mathematically linear. Applying an SPF 20 followed by an SPF 30 does not give you an SPF...

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