Glowing skin is achievable with consistency and quality skincare. Our facials are designed to target and treat each individual skin concern while also relaxing your mind, body and soul

Radiance Facial 60min | $130 Restoring hydration and luminosity with a cocktail of enzymes, lactic solutions and hydrating balms. Using Cosmedix products this signature facial is perfect as your monthly treat or a gift to a loved one. Suitable for all skin types.

Detox Facial 60min | $130 A Prescribed skin workout for anyone experiencing congestion, breakouts, blackheads or sluggish skin. Fruit enzymes with deep cleansing clay's lift oil and congestion while normalizing oil production.

New York Facial 75min | $160 With the focus on skin texture, the New York Facial is the ultimate in skin resurfacing. Using diamond tip microdermabrasion, skin peels and intense masks suited to your concerns this treatment completely transform's skin. Not suitable for rosacea or grade 3-4 acne.

Brightening Bespoke Facial 75min | $160 Skin brightening at it's best, this facial is perfect for all skins especially those wanting to freshen there complexions and lighten superficial pigmentation. A popular Skinceuticals facial using glycolic and lactic acids  with antioxidants to help reinforce your skins natural defenses against the environment and prevent free radical damage which leads to pre-mature skin ageing. 

Collagen Infusion 75min | $190 Enriched marine collagen infused into the skin to stimulate collagen synthesis, refine line and firm textural irregularities. Includes skin peel for ultimate penetration of active ingrediants.

Pregnancy Glow 60min | $110 This custom facial can target dullness, dehydration and hormonal changes during this special time. Combing antioxidant enzymes, hydrating balms and dermal boosters, you will be waking out the door with that pregnancy glow

Glow Time 90min | $180 When event ready skin is required look no further than this signature treatment. A polished complexion is achieved using epidermal leveling and antioxidant skin peels. Collagen boosting hyaluronic treatment masks and dermal boosters are infused into the skin.

Medi-Facial Treatments

A deep exfoliation facial followed by a custom mask to your skin type. Perfect for clients not wanting the full 1hr facial.

Antioxidant Medi-Facial 45min | $120 

Age Refining Medi-Facial 45min | $120 

Detox Medi-Facial 45min | $120

Detox Medi-Facial Package 4 x treatments | 45min | $432


Facial Treatment Enhancers

Hand Therapy 30min | $50 An intense hand treatment using microdermabrasion with fruit enzymes and hydrating balms. Perfect for dry, ageing and pigmented hands.

Detoxifying Back Treatment 45min | $100 A deep cleansing facial for congested acne prone backs. Perfect for both teenage and adult acne.

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